The 4 Main Methods Used in Leak Detection for Food Packaging

Keeping your food safe is the responsibility of many organizations and most of them use top-notch, technologically advanced equipment and methods to make sure that the food you eat is as fresh as it can be. If you’ve ever been curious about some of these protocols, below are some of the leak detection equipment and methods that are used to detect leaks in food packaging, which should provide you with some peace of mind before eating your next meal.

1. The Use of Gas to Reveal Leaks

Some types of equipment use gas to detect leaks in the packaging of food items. More often than not, gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen, and helium are introduced to the tightly packaged food item and special equipment is used to show where any leaks are found.

2. Specialized Chambers

An item called a dry chamber is often used to detect food leaks. A food item is placed in the chamber on top of a paper towel or another type of absorbent material, then is left alone for a while. After a short time, the packages are checked and if the paper towel is dry, this means that the package is nice and tight. More useful information is found on the Flexpak inc website.

3. Special Machines Can Detect Leaks

One of the most common types of leak detection equipment involves a machine that is similar to an X-ray machine. The packaged food is set inside of the machine and a specialized computer is used to assess the packaging itself. More advanced than they sound, these machines can detect leaks as small as five millimetres so they are extremely accurate and efficient.

4. Specially Made Vacuum Chambers

A professional vacuum chamber can be used to detect food packaging leaks. They are actually made to suck out all of the air in order to ensure that the packaging is airtight but they are also great at detecting even a minute leak so that you can determine what to do next. If you’re shipping your containers via air, these same chambers will tell you if the packaging can survive high altitudes, which is very valuable to know.

Detecting leaks in food packaging isn’t as complex as it seems, thanks to the equipment and methods used today, but it is still a very important job. People expect the food they purchase to be safe and free of contaminants and damages and because of the companies that offer the above and many other services, this is something that you can count on every time.


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