Top 5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Childcare Facility

When it comes to leaving your child behind with strangers, even at an established care facility, the entire idea can seem overwhelming and terrifying. By taking the time to find a dedicated and quality child care team, you can give yourself the confidence necessary. You will know that your precious child will be cared for to the highest standards. Don’t put your family at risk by leaving your child behind with just anyone. Here are the top five things every parent should look for before choosing a care space for your children.

1. Staff Interactions

One of the first things you want to look at when you enter a facility is the way in which the staff members interact with and encourage the children. Are the caregivers on the floor with the children, giving them eye to eye contact and encouraging their confidence? Are the younger children being held tightly in their laps? All too often children are left unmonitored and without the proper supervision, and this lack of vigilance will inevitably lead to accidents and injuries. Make sure that your children will be properly cared for by trained and experienced professionals.

2. Staff to Child Ratio

Sometimes the lack of care isn’t a result of the caregiver’s inexperience or lack of concern, but rather the sheer number of children that they are expected to look after. Make sure to ask what the standard child to caregiver ratio is in each facility so that you will know that your child will always be in the eyesight of the person watching him or her. With infants and toddlers, you really don’t want the number to be much larger than five children for each member of staff.

3. Check Policies

When it comes to leaving your child in any particular facility, it’s absolutely crucial that their policies on discipline and encouragement match your own. If you don’t allow your child to eat sweets, make sure that cookies aren’t the go-to reward for good behavior. Ask whether or not televisions are provided for the children if this is something you’re against. Are the caregivers allowed to give scoldings? These are all policies you’ll need to ask about and heavily consider when choosing a child care Hamilton location.

4. Ask to See Play Areas

You’re leaving your child behind with strangers, and so you have every right to see absolutely every area of a given facility to make sure it’s kept up to your standards. Are the toys clean and tidy? Do the children have enough space to run around and really grow? Are children encouraged to socialize and explore new spaces with friends? Make sure that you investigate the entire facility to really get a good idea about where your child is spending so much time.

5. Ask How Illnesses are Handled

At the end of the day, your child is almost guaranteed to catch some bugs while being cared for by others. However, that doesn’t mean that every precaution shouldn’t be taken by a facility to avoid it. Ask what their policies are for sick children and how they handle the care of the other children after the fact. Keeping your child safe should be the main priority of your caregiver, so make sure that certain procedures are set in place ahead of time to deal with these situations as they arise.


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